Brighton’s Home for Peaceful Transitions will be performed on April 26-28! This play is written by Northwestern junior Jessie Vane and is set in Brighton’s Home, a place where the aged go to turn, watched over by their Angels. Zoe Marshal is a new Angel assigned to Agatha, a tenacious tenant at Brighton’s who is not afraid of death. On Agatha’s last night alive, both women re-examine their identities, make a connection, and discover what it means to have truly lived.

As one of the shows selected for the 2017-2018 season, Brighton’s Home for Peaceful Transitions is partially financed by Vertigo Productions; however, we need your help to bring this student masterpiece to life! A contribution to our production will fund its artistic and technical elements. In addition, donations will ensure that each student involved in the production has the opportunity to realize their creative goals. You would be directly donating to resources such as lights and sound, set construction and properties, costumes, and marketing campaigns so that Northwestern students know when and how to see our show!

How Can You Help?

We are so honored to bring this production of Brighton’s Home for Peaceful Transitions to fruition and would greatly appreciate any support you are able to give at this time. Below is a Donate button linked to our Paypal page, where you can donate to the show. Please be sure to mark “Brighton’s” in “Special Instructions.” You can also donate via check made out to Northwestern University with “Vertigo Productions Spring Show Donation” in the memo.

For further information about the show, please reach out to our producer, Chloe Fourte, at Thank you so much for your consideration in aiding our project, and we hope to see you April 26 - April 28 in Shanley Pavilion!