Vertigo Productions has made it our mission to service the playwrights of this university— we have dedicated our resources to uplifting the voices of young artists and to giving their work a platform so that it can reach the rest of the student body. Fostering conversation about the ideas, topics, arguments, themes, etc. that are on young peoples’ minds has enriched our community immensely—yet we are incredibly aware of those we have not been able to reach.

Vertigo is determined to increase our shows’ accessibility. Attending these shows and engaging in this art should not be exclusive—we believe that any inaccessibility to our space would thoroughly defeat the point of our work. It is for that reason that Vertigo has developed the following goals:

  • Vertigo aspires to have free admission to all shows.

    We are extremely aware of the financial difficulties many students and young people on our campus face. We are an economically diverse community, and we firmly believe that a student’s financial situation should not prevent them from engaging in the new art on this campus. Vertigo plans to eliminate our admission fees so that we can increase the attendance to our shows and expand our audience to include those who may not have been able to see this kind of theatre before.

  • Vertigo aspires to have ASL interpreters present at our shows.

    We believe that ableism is one of the most overlooked problems currently facing our campus in general, and in the theatre community. We have seen firsthand the ways in which students with physical disabilities have been excluded from Northwestern experiences, including the artistic experiences that others have taken for granted. Vertigo wants everyone to be a part of the evolution of our work and the new pieces that we bring to campus, and so we plan to employ interpreters who can help us make the words accessible to everyone.

  • Vertigo aspires to utilize text projections and improve accessibility to our venues and special events.

    Throughout our season, Vertigo has made it a priority to engage the community in workshops, staged readings, and events happening in Chicago. We want to make sure that not a single student at Northwestern is unable to be physically present in these spaces, or to be included in the topics being presented or the work being shared. Every voice on this campus counts. Every voice on this campus matters, and we want to increase the accessibility that marginalized voices have to our space, and that our spaces and community in turn have to them.


    Vertigo has set our sights on a fundraising goal of $3,000. This budget will make it so that we are able to have accessible, free shows throughout the rest of the year. The number of students we would be able to engage in a rich variety of new work through the execution of this plan would be staggering, and we feel very strongly that doing so would fulfill our mission to be an organization that is dedicated to improving our community through art and the uplifting of new voices.

    We are hoping to partner with other organizations to circulate this campaign and reach a broader donating pool—especially those who have a yearly income and are not full-time students. Of course we anticipate that the student body will be contributing to our campaign, but we hope to expand our reach of donors. Organizations who partner with us will be credited in each of our productions/events that benefit from these changes,and we would be overjoyed to find additional ways to reciprocate through a mutually beneficial relationship..